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Try Japanese Goemon Ramen Noodle Bar in Brighton!

Hidden away on Preston Road, Brighton, you will find a small 'bar'. At a tiny Japanese bar, you will experience one of the most authentic Japanese ramen noodles and other side dishes. As you can see from the video, Goemon Ramen Bar is just small yet very popular. I saw a long queue. At first, I was trying to understand why the queue was so long. After 10 minutes of queuing, looking at the menu, and tasting my ordered ramen noodle and a starter, I realised why I was willing to lick my plate after I emptied it with my chopsticks. There were three of us around a petit square table. We ate a starter, a ramen noodle dish, and a bottle of beer each. Altogether the bill came to £64.00. Not bad price since Brighton's price is very similar to London's and other major metropolis. I definitely recommend it!