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Spectacular Brighton & Hove Pride Weekend 2022!

  Brighton & Hove Pride Festival 2022 to be inspired globally! If you have not visited Brighton & Hove LGBT Pride Festival in 2022, you certainly missed a city in a party mood for a whole weekend. Regardless of so many family and worldly commitments, I made sure I did not miss   the festival since the end of so many national lockdowns and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pride helped me to connect with a community as a gay ethnic minority man residing on the coast of Sussex.    Due to my inner insecurity,  I always felt like a minority within a minority due to my linguistic, religious and ethnic upbringing; but as time went on, I accepted that I am part of a  local, national and international LGBT+ community.  It was essential that I was at Brighton & Hove Pride Festiva l to film and write about it as part of   my blog . Being part of the global LGBT community helps me to recognise that there are communities who are being persecuted, and in many places, these