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Brighton Sushi Mania value for Money when time is right

  BRIGHTON SUSHI MANIA Coming to Brighton & Hove every other week has reduced my anxiety level dramatically; perhaps inhaling the Sussex sea air has been a major factor to my well-being. After walking around the Hove Lawn during lunchtime on a summer Friday, passing the ruin of the West Pier,  I turned left onto Middle Street.  I passed Creation Night Club, and came across Sushi Mania, coloured in red and white sign. Looking from outside, the simple design of the restaurant looked like any other Japanese restaurant in Piccadilly Circus,  London,  or Brighton. Yes, I have been to Japan for two weeks before the pandemic. It certainly does not make me an expert in Japanese food. Personally, visiting a Japanese restaurant can be daunting because of my fear of the 'unknown' culture. Anyone who knows Japanese food will know that it can be very much the 'other' far distant culinary, sophisticated and if you go to a good Japanese restaurant, you can imagine its delicate fin

Brighton Mod Weekend Every August to die for!

An experience in Brighton you will not forget: Brighton Mod Weekend! So - have you heard of Mod Weekend? I suspect not. I did not either until as recent as August 2021.   Once I came out of Lockdown and visited  Brighton AND HOVE city as frequently as I could, I began to plan my schedule to see what was out there to explore. I am in the mood to seek excitement and share it with you. Just to top up my excitement, yes in Brighton AND HOVE , I must emphasise, since Hove is my second residency, I  found out what was available on the last weekend of August 2021. I flicked through lots of holiday guidebooks on Sussex and most importantly on Brighton AND HOVE . Oh, hang on, there were several references to the Mod Weekend in August.   I raised my left eyebrow because my muscles in the right brow do not have the strength to raise it independently from the left, unfortunately.   Anyway, I Googled online to get a sniff of the event a bit more.  I found a glamorous hipster leaflet where a cool d