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Brighton Marathon Weekend 2022

Having ran the London Marathon in 2007, whenever I get the chance to keep an eye out for any marathons in my vicinity, I am definitely thinking of runners because preparing for such a run can't be taken lightly. I did not realise that whilst I was in Brighton & Hove in 2022, I would be exposed to the Brighton Marathon Weekend. By this time all the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. There is no sign of a pandemic on South Coast. Although the marathon itself was on Sunday, 10th April, as I was walking on Hove Promenade on Saturday, I came across a group of runners who have gathered for 5K Brighton Parkrun as part of their regular weekend routine. This is an event that has been taking place every Saturday since 2011 and everyone is included regardless of your age, race or sex or disability. I have noticed a half a dozen wheelchair 'runners' next to runners who are running on their feet. If you want to join such a run, the only thing you need to do is turn up on t